Universal Automatic Guided Vehicle
Universal Automatic Guided Vehicle

Patented products, counterfeiting not allowed
Model : WT-UAGV

1. The best solution for unmanned plants
2. Industry's first automatic makeup assembly
3. Patent of implicit positioning corrective. Vehicle positioning accuracy ±10mm, arm picking accuracy ±2mm
3. According to the factory layout, providing flexible demand production space
4. Organized and color HMI design
5. Optional wireless power charger
Model  WT-UAGV
Dimension 1000 mm(L) x 500 mm(W) x 1550 mm(H)
Total weight 260 kg
Electrical system 2 sets of DC 24V lead-acid bettery
Linear moving speed Max. speed 25 m/min
Turning diameter Min. 600 mm (speed <15 m/min)
L/unloading weight Max. 4 kg 

Application of WT-UAAM & WT-UAGV

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