Automatic High-Speed Powder Press Machine
EU & SGS CE certification
Awarded patent certifications

1. Build-in high accuracy tracking system, available for different shapes of godet to pick & place
2. Build-in 2 sets of high-speed robot
3. Capacity up to 10,000 pcs / hr.
4. To keep advantages of PPM series, and mold can be shared.
Model  WT-PPM-AH
Dimension 3900 mm(L) x 2100 mm(W) x 2200 mm(H)
Total weight  4000 kg
Electrical system Three-phase 220V 60Hz / 380V 50Hz
Compressed air requirement 6 kg/cm2 (85psi), Φ 8mm
Pressing pressure Max. 120kg/cm2 with pressing area 450cm2
Mold dimension 200 mm(L) x 200 mm(W)
Production capacity Max. speed 35 sec. 2 molds / cycle time
Un-load product box size 220 mm(L) x 220 mm(W)
Built-in exhaust system, diameter Ø 2.5"
Servo press pressure <1 Kg/cm2
Range of hydraulic pressure 20~180 kg/cm2 ,1~9 steps
Recipe capacity 999 sets 
Demand time for powder supply 30 sec.
Demand time for changing powder 10 min.
Demand time for changing mold 10 min.