Automatic Powder Press Machine (ADV)
EU & SGS CE certification
Awarded seven patent certifications

1. Fully automatic production without any assistant manpower
2. Energy saving design with inverter
3. Automatic identify system fulfill any different shapes of aluminum pans production needs
4. Exclusive color pattern clean function/ pearl powder production function
5. Pre-press process prevent air residual in finished goods effectively
6. Automatic finished goods collecting and stacking setting
7. Semi-automatic operation instructions make mold change process faster
8. Patented cleaning design presents 99% of surface cleaning effect
9. Auto Godet Supplement Module (A.G.S.)-available non-stopping material supplement
10. Auto Powder Supplement Module (A.P.S.)-increase material supporting time
11. Un-Load Stocker Module (U.L.S.)-increase 4 times content of finished powder of stock
Model  WT-PPM-AP (ADV)
Dimension 2000 mm(L) x 2000 mm(W) x 2100 mm(H)
Total weight 2050 kg
Electrical system Three-phase 220V 60Hz / 380V 50Hz
Compressed air requirement 6 kg/cm2 (85psi), Ø8mm 
Pressing pressure Max. 120 kg/cm2 with pressing area 225 cm2
Mold dimension 200 mm(L) x 200 mm(W)
Production capacity Max. speed 30 sec./mold
Un-load product box size 220 mm x 220 mm
Built-in exhaust system, diameter Ø2.5"
Servo press pressure <1 kg/cm2
Range of hydraulic system 20~180 kg/cm2 ,1~9 steps
Recipe capacity 1000 sets
Demand time for powder supply 30 sec.
Demand time for changing powder 10 min.
Demand time for changing mold 5  mins .
Production arrangement suggestion 5-6 sets / person


Changing mold